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Mokra karma dla kota indyk z gęsią 200g Everyday Mokra karma dla kota indyk z gęsią 200g Everyday
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Mokra karma dla kota saszetki wołowina 12 x 85g Mokra karma dla kota saszetki wołowina 12 x 85g
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Mokra karma dla kota saszetki biała ryba 12 x 85g Mokra karma dla kota saszetki biała ryba 12 x 85g
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Mokra karma dla kota saszetki indyk 12 x 85g Mokra karma dla kota saszetki indyk 12 x 85g
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Mokra karma dla kota saszetki kurczak 12 x 85g Mokra karma dla kota saszetki kurczak 12 x 85g
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Mokra karma dla kota indyk/ biała ryba 40 x 85g Mokra karma dla kota indyk/ biała ryba 40 x 85g
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Mokra karma dla kota wołowina/ kurczak 40 x 85g Mokra karma dla kota wołowina/ kurczak 40 x 85g
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Wet cat food turkey quail 12x200g Animal Island Wet cat food turkey quail 12x200g Animal Island
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Wet food for cats chicken duck 12x200g Animal Island Wet food for cats chicken duck 12x200g Animal Island
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Animal Island wet cat food mix 5 flavors 6x200 g Animal Island wet cat food mix 5 flavors 6x200 g
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Animal Island wet cat food chicken salmon 12 x 200g Animal Island wet cat food chicken salmon 12 x 200g
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If your cat is a real gourmet who carefully selects the items you recommend on his menu, we have something especially for him!Wet Cat FoodAnimal Island is a balanced and complete wet dish that will delight every adult cat. Thanks to the content of up to 99% meat, the daily demand for animal protein, which is necessary for proper development, is fully covered.

Our recipes are based on selected salmon, turkey, duck, rabbit and chicken meat, coming from local and proven suppliers. Without unnecessary additives that are harmful to the animal's health - a simple composition with a unique aroma is our recipe for a successful day for your pet predator!

Animal Island Everyday – The perfect choice for your cat

Wet cat foodAnimal Island Everyday features a selection of the highest quality ingredients, such as turkey and lamb, to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for your pet. This unique food in the form of mousse is rich in valuable nutrients that contribute to well-being and health, regardless of the breed.

Characteristics of the Everyday food line

🐾Tasty human grade meat:Animal Island Everyday contains the highest quality meat that is suitable for human consumption. This is a guarantee that your cat receives only the best.

🐾100% natural and aromatic ingredients:Our food consists only of natural ingredients that provide unique taste and aroma. Your cat will be delighted with every bite.

🐾Without grains, artificial colors, preservatives and flavor enhancers:Animal Island Everyday is a food free from grains, artificial colors, preservatives and flavor enhancers. It is pure nature that takes care of your pet's health and well-being.

🐾Positive effect on body hydration:Wet food helps keep your cat's body properly hydrated, which is crucial for its health and vitality.

Animal Island Everyday is not only delicious, but also nutritious meals for your cat. Your pet will enjoy aromatic food that not only tastes delicious, but also provides it with the necessary nutrients. Let your cat appreciate this easily digestible and healthy food with its sweet purring!

Available Everyday food packaging:

  • Cans (400g)
  • Sachets (85g)

Choosewet cat foodAnimal Island Everyday and provide your cat with healthy, tasty and nutritious meals every day!

Wet cat food and tasty canned food

We all know it. Our beloved cats are little sweet eaters who, if given the opportunity, would love to eat something delicious at any time of the day or night. Your task, as a guardian, is to provide your feline friend with an appropriate and healthy diet. Find out what kindwet cat foodwill be the most suitable for your pet and why it is worth introducing it into the daily menu!Wet cat foodit is characterized by a high meat content, often exceeding 60%, which ensures high quality and nutritional value.

Dry or wet food?

Many people decide to feed their cats dry food, which is understandable due to its practicality and the fact that cats generally like it very much. However, its independent use cannot fully meet the nutritional needs of our four-legged friends. Therefore, we recommend supplementing your cat's diet with high-quality canned food. Wet food intended for cats is an excellent choice. It is not only a basic ingredient of the diet, but also a source of essential vitamins and minerals.

Cats are predators by nature, so their diet should consist mostly of meat. Everything that comes from plants, such as cereals, vegetables and fruits, is unnecessary for them and therefore more difficult to digest. That's why it's worth choosingwet food for catswithout the addition of cereals, which better meet the natural nutritional needs of cats. Of course, such products can also be an additional ingredient of food, but they should not be the main component of the diet. Meat is of key importance for the proper development of a young kitten and must be selected according to the age and weight of the animal.

Wet food for catsThey are distinguished by the fact that they have a high content of meat and water, which has a positive effect on the hydration of the animal's body. The best ones from Animal Island contain up to 99% high-quality human-grade meat.

Pieces of meat in a delicious sauce or broth

It is also worth mentioning that wet food for cats contains pieces of meat, usually dipped in sauces or tasty jelly, which additionally stimulates the appetite of young animals. If your pet happens to be gaining weight, it's well composedWet cat foodcan help you maintain a healthy weight.Wet cat foodit is also available in the form of pâté or fine minced meat.

Additionally, wet cat food is lower in calories than its dry counterpart. Therefore, by keeping your pet active and following the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the daily amount of food, you can easily maintain the correct weight and ensure proper development of your pet.

Wet cat food – what are the advantages?

Wet cat foodoften preferred by cats due to its distinctive taste and aroma. Guardians, in turn, can easily find excellent quality products on the market that are very practical and satisfy even the most demanding palates of their four-legged friends.

In the case of good wet cat food, we should expect high-quality animal ingredients with the right amount of building blocks, energy ingredients and vitamins. A big advantage is also the high water content, which can reach about 75-80%. This is crucial for the urinary health of cats, which are at risk of urinary tract diseases due to low water intake. Insufficient hydration may lead to urine concentration and the development of urinary stones.

Additionally,wet cat foodwith a high meat content ensures a natural composition, which has a positive effect on the cat's well-being.

You should make sure that the wet food is appropriate to maintain the animal's proper body weight and good physical condition.Wet food for catsare an ideal solution for sick cats. An additional advantage is that wet food can be combined with dry food, which is perfect for cats of different ages.

How often can you feed wet food?

The frequency of feeding wet food will depend on several key aspects. Our cat's age, size, lifestyle, and health condition - all this affects how often we should give it wet food. Therefore, an excellent choice will be to feed your cat wet food at least 2-3 times a day or more often. Let's make sure that the portions are appropriate for our pet to eat whole.

If you have any questions about your cat's diet, please consult your veterinarian or animal nutritionist. The specialist will help you adapt your pet's diet to its individual needs and establish an optimal feeding plan. Remember that some cats may have specific dietary needs due to various diseases or allergies. If you have any doubts, it is always worth talking to a specialist.

A complete and balanced diet is essential

Our pet's diet should be carefully selected and nutritious. It is important that such food does not contain artificial additives or dyes. Complete food, i.e. wet food with natural ingredients and a high meat content, has a positive effect on the cat's health. Pay attention to the presence of zinc in the composition - it is necessary to maintain healthy skin and shiny fur of your cat. All rightwet cat foodit should not contain a lot of grains, offal or lean meat. Avoid products with unclear ingredients - such foods may contain almost anything. Ideally, the food contains taurine and fatty amino acids.

Remember – cats should only drink water. Many cat species have trouble drinking enough water. In the wild, they obtain it from raw meat. At home, they cannot always properly hydrate themselves, so wet food supplemented with a bowl of fresh water is the perfect solution.

Wet food for kittens

Young kittens can also benefit from the benefits of wet food. Although they should initially be fed exclusively with their mother's milk, at around 4 weeks of age they can start receiving wet food in addition to milk. However, it is worth remembering that the food is appropriate for their age and provides all the necessary nutrients.

As babies begin to explore the world beyond their mother's watchful gaze, they become interested in what the adult members of the herd eat. This is when you can start adding wet food to their diet. This helps kittens adapt to eating different types of food and teaches them how to bite and chew.

What's more, wet kitten food is perfect for learning to eat independently. Thanks to its consistency, it is easy to eat, and its various flavors and smells can attract kittens' curiosity. However, remember to always provide access to fresh water - even if you feed him wet food.

As with adult cats, wet food helps provide kittens with adequate amounts of water, which is especially important during the growing period. Therefore, regardless of whether you choose wet or dry food for your kitten, remember that the right balance is key.

When buying food, don't focus on price, but on quality. Sometimes it's worth paying a few zlotys more for a can or sachet, but you can be sure that you will provide your cat with a high-quality product that will ensure its healthy development, happiness and optimal energy level!

Natural and safe food for sensitive cats

Wet food for catsand Animal Island is a perfect choice for every owner who cares about their pet's health. Our products are completely grain-free, making them ideal for cats with sensitive digestive systems or allergies.

By choosing Animal Island food, you provide your cat with natural and safe food that does not burden its body with unnecessary fillers. In addition, our foods are free from artificial colors, which allows them to maintain their natural appearance and taste without the need to use any chemical additives.

Healthy eating without artificial additives

We also make sure that our wet food is free of preservatives, so you can be sure that your cat receives fresh, healthy food without harmful substances that prolong its shelf life. Additionally, our products do not contain taste and smell enhancers, because carefully developed recipes and natural ingredients ensure a unique taste and aroma that will satisfy the palate of even the most demanding cat gourmets.

At Animal Island, we believe that healthy eating is the key to a long and happy life for every cat. By choosing our wet food, you provide your pet with the best support in everyday life, based on clean food